Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Using phone while driving is as risky as drink-driving


By Staff report

Dubai: Talking on a mobile phone while driving is nearly as dangerous as drink driving, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) warned on Thursday.

1Mobile phone use has become a “pressing” issue in Dubai and worldwide, said Hussain Al Banna, director of traffic at the RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency.

He added that studies indicate the performance of a driver engaged in a phone conversation is as poor as 80 per cent of the performance of a driver under the influence of alcohol.

In Dubai, using a handheld mobile phone while driving attracts a fine of Dh200. However, it is tolerated through the use of wireless headsets or accessories fitted to vehicles.

Some countries, such as Japan, Singapore and Portugal, have a blanket ban on mobile phone use, regardless of wireless or hands-free aids.

Citing research on the topic, Al Banna said the potential of a crash multiplies five times when the driver starts making a mobile phone call even if using hands-free devices. More info