UAE temperatures @ 50° Celsius this week: How to avoid heat stroke

Dubai residents advised to avoid undertaking sports and outdoor activities between 9am to 6pm and wear lightweight and light-coloured clothes.
A pigeon stands in some water during a hot summers day in Dubai, May 17, 2009. Photo by Ashraf Al Amra

With forecasters expecting the weather to soar close to 50 degrees in Dubai this week, medical experts at Dubai Health Authority (DHA) share tips on how to prevent heat strokes and exhaustion.

The National Center for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) expects temperatures to reach between 45 and 49 degrees Celsius, with humidity levels reaching a maximum of 90 per cent in internal areas and 95 per cent along the coast.

When the weather reaches such high temperatures, doctors say the public can be prone to heat stroke and exhaustion, especially infants, children and the elderly.

“Heat exhaustion is defined by symptoms that include thirst, fatigue, headache and twitching. If the case worsens, they can get heat strokes – its symptoms include a fever of 40 degrees Celsius and higher, headache, rapid breathing, altered mental behaviour and ultimately fainting,” said Dr Fadi Moborrak Senior Specialties, ER, at Dubai Hospital. More info

By Staff