Traffic & Roads Agency holds open house with parking attendants



In a clear testimony of the active communication with all employees in different job grades, engineer Maitha Mohammed bin Udai, CEO of Traffic & Roads Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), held a frank & friendly meeting with the parking attendants.

Dubai taxiShe started off the meeting calling for all parking attendants to speak frankly and express their opinions and concerns in a transparent manner without any reservations or exclusions. She also communicated to the audience the greetings of H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, RTAChairman of the Board and Executive Director, and the pride he takes in this category of employees.

During the meeting, which was held in RTA Auditorium in the presence of the Director of Parking, Manager of Parking Control and Manager of the Office of the CEO of Traffic & Roads Agency, engineer Maitha bin Udai stated that the aim of the meeting was to revitalize the open & flexible communication between the senior management and the incumbents of various job grades. “Such event contributes to overcoming career, field and administrative obstacles & challenges encountered by this hard-working category of parking attendants in order to take actions to sort out these difficulties.”

The meeting also discussed several issues and challenges facing the parking inspectors while processing their practical job duties.

For her part, engineer Maitha stressed the importance of taking into consideration all comments & suggestions made by the parking attendants. She also directed the Agency’s officials to immediately start working out a timetable to study and sign off all these observations & suggestions. She also directed the Parking Dep’t to review and discuss the observations & suggestions of the parking attendants on a regular basis, as she described them as “the closest to the realities on the ground and challenges facing them in particular and the inspection process in general, which means that their observations are reliable since they are very close to the source of weakness, if any,” she added.

Besides discussing the practical challenges facing parking attendants, engineer Maitha heeded to some observations related to the personal conditions of some parking attendants, where she directly ordered to study the personal cases of some parking attendants individually. “RTA views parking attendants as the unsung heroes who have a positive impact on RTA‘s drive, leaving top management with no option but to try to help them and alleviate their sufferings as much as possible in the context of efforts made to achieve justice, fairness and equality among all staff categories judged on merits. Such approach also echoes RTA‘s belief in the importance of ensuring the job security for all employees such that they can discharge their duties in an optimal way,” she continued.

At the end of the meeting, the CEO of Traffic & Roads Agency, expressed her sincere gratitude and thanks to the parking attendants for taking time to attend this meeting, reminding them that they should always note that Dubai and its institutions have every right to be served and they were expected to just do that out of their conscience, job duty and love for their homeland. She added that she was pinning high hopes in these employees to exert more and excellent efforts in the service of this generous nation in the near future.

In conclusion, group photos were taken of engineer Maitha bin Adai, and managers in attendance, before heading off to have a luncheon served on the occasion of this constructive meeting.