Traffic Awareness Lectures for Cabbies


Staff Reporte

DUBAI – Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) is teaming up with Dubai Police General Headquarters (Naif Police Station) to deliver awareness lectures to cab drivers on how to avoid accidents and committing traffic offences.

Dubai taxi
Dubai taxi

Ammar bin Tameem, Director of Fleet Drivers Affairs Department at DTC said, “DTC is continuously cooperating and coordinating with the General Headquarters of Dubai Police to hold such lectures and workshops on various topics about road safety.”

“We are coordinating with Naif Police Station to hold an educational lecture on safe driving which covers several points like keeping safe distance, yellow box, pedestrian crossing, speeding in residential areas, jumping the red signal, overtaking from the right side, using mobile phones while driving, seatbelt, vehicle inspection before heading to the workplace, and the most common traffic offences such as picking up and dropping off customers without considering other road users.”

“Novice and seasoned drivers are both engaged in comprehensive training courses with a view to improving their performance. Several training courses are held in conjunction with other bodies concerned, in three languages: Arabic, English and Urdu.”