Taxi service launched between Dubai and Hatta


By Staff Report

Dubai: A new taxi rank has been set up for the Hatta Taxi service in Al Aweer, near the fruit and vegetable market, the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced.

The new service has been launched in response to the needs and expectations of clients and residents of Hatta town, a press statement read.

The new service also aims to improve the quality of service rendered to the local community and serve the needs of considerable numbers of citizens, residents and tourists aspiring to more comfortable means of transportation.

According to Yousuf Al Ali, Director of the DTC Fleet Processes and Operation Department, the service will be exclusively for the residents of Hatta and operate within pre-defined routes from Hatta to Dubai and back to Hatta.

“DTC has deployed taxicabs with a capacity for six passengers maximum to lift passengers from dedicated stops at Sabkha (near the RTA Public Bus Stop), and at Al Aweer (near the fruit and vegetable market) and the service can be ordered only by residents of Hatta through the said ranks,” said Al Ali.

Fixed fare

“Six [Innova] vans have been deployed for Hatta Taxi service; two of them will operate from Al Aweer to Hatta, and the other four will operate from Sabkha to Hatta and back to Sabkha, and 12 drivers have been selected to work on this service at a fixed monthly salary. The fare is fixed as Dh25 per passenger, with four passengers for each taxicab so that the vehicle will not stay for long at the rank. Once four passengers are loaded, the driver contacts the Booking and Despatch Centre at RTA’s Public Transport Agency to open the meter at Dh100, as per the prevailing practice at Al Ghubaiba Station.

“Hatta Taxi service was launched in 2008 as DTC was keen on upgrading the transit system at Hatta, serve the needs of the local community and provide a new, safe and comfortable transport mode for residents and tourists frequently coming to the town to visit its tourist, historical and archaeological attractions.

“The service was launched after studies revealed that the area needed a taxi service that is smooth, affordable, time-saving, comfortable and speedy in arriving at the intended destinations,” Al Ali said.