Taxi franchises

Dubai Taxis franchises the operation of some taxis to other companies. The taxis are the same light sandy beige color but have different colored roofs as follows.

Color Company Telephone Website Comments
Green Al Arabia Taxi tel +971-4-2855566
tollfree 800-272242 also
White City Taxi
Blue Cars Taxi tel +971-4-2693344
toll-free 800-227789 Also other emirates
Red Dubai Taxi tel +971-4-2080808
Orange Metro Taxi tel +971-4-2673222
Yellow National Taxi tel +971-4-3390002
600-543322 ext 213 for complaints
Gold Hatta Taxi
Pink Ladies Taxi Female drivers, female passengers only
  • Cars Taxi also operate taxis in Ajman, Sharjah (Citi Taxi and Union Taxi), Fujairah/Fujeirah, and Abu Dhabi.

There are other taxi companies operating in Dubai and other emirates that are not under the Dubai Taxis franchise, but they are far less common. Some of them are

  • Al Ghazal Transport Company Abu Dhabi, tel +971-2-4447787
  • Al Ghazal Transport Company Al Ain, tel +971-3-7516565
  • Al Humaidi Luxury Transport, Jebel Ali, tel +971-4-8872996
  • Al Marmoom Tourist Taxi, Dubai, +971-4-3476656
  • Delta Taxi, Sharjah, tel +971-6-5598598
  • Emirates Taxi, Dubai, tel +971-4-3394455
  • Gulf Taxi, Dubai, tel +971-4-2236666