Taxi drivers’ honesty tested


By Rayeesa Absal, Staff Reporter

Dubai: Undercover officials are putting the honesty of cab drivers to the test by purposely leaving valuables behind in cabs and monitoring if they return them, as part of a campaign.

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* Image Credit: Francois Nel/Gulf News * There are more than 7,000 taxis in Dubai. The training for drivers is a seven-step programme, and one of the topics covered is courtesy.

If the driver decides to keep laptops, mobile phones, cameras or other valuables left behind by the ‘passengers’, they are sent back to training to learn some basic lessons, the Roads and Transport Authority said yesterday.

“When the ‘Vehicles with No Lost Items’ campaign was first organised in July last year, 21 valuable items were left behind in cabs by officials posing as passengers and three drivers chose not to return them,” Mohammad Yousuf Salih, acting director of fleet operations at Dubai Taxi Corporation, told Gulf News.

These drivers were asked to undergo further training at the Drivers Training and Qualification Centre.

“In the second edition of the campaign, in December, out of 22 drivers tested only one person had to be sent back for training,” Salih said.

There has been a significant improvement in driver behaviour, he said, adding that the success of the campaign in bringing down the number of cases of dishonesty has encouraged RTA to make the campaign an ongoing process.


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