Taxi driver mugged, robbed, court told


By Salam al Amir

Five men mugged a taxi driver for his wallet, personal documents and mobile phone, a Dubai court heard this morning.

Dubai taxiAccording to Criminal Court of First Instance records, JK and FK, both 26; KK and MA, both 22; and FM, 19, all Pakistanis, admitted to charges of assault and theft during prosecution investigations.

Records show that at noon on February 2, the men and a juvenile accomplice attacked AK, a 45-year-old Pakistani taxi driver, and stole his belongings.

AK told prosecutors that while he was walking alone in the Naif area, the men knocked him down and one of them tied his hands behind his back. The rest stole his wallet, which had Dh725 in it. They also took his Nokia mobile phone and his IDs, he testified.

MA, a 28-year-old first lieutenant, told prosecutors that AK lodged a complaint at Naif police station directly after the incident. Police suspected the five men and when they arrested them, they found some of AK’s stolen items, he testified.

The hearing was adjourned until June 12.