Taxi driver mugged by passengers, court hears


By Salam al Amir

A 23-year-old visitor denied mugging a taxi driver before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance this morning.

Dubai taxi
Dubai taxi

The suspect, SH, from Nigeria, was accused along with another suspect, who is not identified in records and remained at large, of stealing money from the driver after they claimed to be passengers and rode to International city in the victim’s taxi, records said.

According to records, SH and his accomplice stopped the taxi in Sharjah on November 10, 2010. When they arrived to their destination, it is alleged that the suspect’s accomplice, who was in the back seat, encircled the victim’s neck with his tie and ordered him to give all his money to SH, records show.

MS, the Bangladeshi driver, told prosecutors he resisted the thieves and reversed his car, bumping it onto the sidewalk. The suspects jumped out and ran, prosecutors said.

Records said MS started screaming “thieves, catch the thieves!” Pedestrians gave chase, and a nearby police patrol saw the pursuit and arrested the suspect, records said.

Records said a previous incident involving the two suspects was reported by another taxi driver, identified in records as MT, 24.

A verdict is expected on February 16.