Taxi driver jailed for raping passenger


    By Marie Nammour

    A taxi driver was sentenced to five-year imprisonment on Tuesday for raping a British woman passenger in his cab after giving her a ride to her villa in the Springs.

    Dubai taxiThe Court of First Instance also ordered his deportation after serving the jail term.

    The 48-year-old Pakistani driver earlier denied the charge in the court.

    He is accused of imposing himself on the woman taking advantage of the fact that she was intoxicated.

    The Jebel Ali Police Station was informed on March 5, last year, about a rape incident outside a villa in Springs 3. “It was about 5am when we reached there.  The woman was already with her parents waiting for us,” a Yemeni policeman said during the investigation.

    The 25-year-old victim told the cops that she took the cab when she emerged from a bar.

    The driver dropped her at her place and she knocked on the door to get money from her mother but none answered. She asked the driver to give her his mobile phone to call her parents. But the call also was not answered.

    She got back in the car and asked him to come back the following day to collect the money. She was surprised that the driver got off his seat and jumped on her. She alleged that the man raped her and then sped away.

    She said that she was intoxicated and there was no scratch or attack marks on her. Her clothes were not torn. But she said her jeans was worn in reverse.

    The police could track the driver with the help of the security guard who was on duty that day in the community. The cab driver was found in a normal state.

    No scratches, attack marks were spotted on his face or body. He admitted to the cops that he had sex with the woman upon her own demand. He claimed that she seduced him by taking off her clothes.

    According to the Dubai Police Criminal Laboratory report, the woman had an alcohol quantity of 142-227 mg/dl in her blood on that day.

    DNA sample of semen found in the complainant matched with the defendant’s. The woman’s mother told the prosecutors that while in the upper floor at their villa she heard a strong knocking on the door.

    She opened it and found her daughter. The daughter told them to call 999 because the cab driver raped her.