Saturday, June 10, 2023
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More people booking Dubai taxis over the phone

In 2011, the number of cabs booked by cab users through the Booking and Despatch Center at RTA's Public Transport Agency increased to 5,080,903 bookings, up by 16 per cent, as compared to 4,393,826 bookings in 2010. The total number of calls also increased by 20.9 per cent, going up to 7,256,236 calls in 2011, as compared to the number of calls in 2010.

Dubai Taxi to cool water tanks in drivers quarters

Out of its keen attention to deliver excellent services to cabdrivers, the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has embarked last month on cooling the water tanks at drivers accommodation including a mechanism to control the water temperature to make it cool in summer and warm in winter to suit the needs of drivers.