Monday, December 5, 2022
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Illegal taxis: The risky choice for passengers

By Dhanusha Gokulan/Staff Reporter Ali M* drives around in a tinted maroon coloured Toyota Corolla in areas like Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and financial locations...

Unlikely honour for veteran taxi driver in Dubai

By Muby Asger, Staff Reporter, XPRESS Dubai: British expat Rechel Shah was on a mission. She had met a man she describes as an...

Petrol stations turn away motorists

The flow of petrol has been stemmed yet again as some fuel stations in Sharjah and Dubai turn away customers from locked pumps without explanation. On the heels of more than a year of periodic fuel shortages at stations, one frustrated driver told an Arabic newspaper he had been searching for two days for an open petrol station in the Al Khan and Tawuun areas of Sharjah to no avail.