Saturday, June 10, 2023
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332m used public transport in Dubai last year

More than 332 million passengers used public transport, comprising the Dubai Metro, buses, marine transport and taxis, in Dubai last year, according to latest RTA figures. “The number of public bus users in 2010 was 113 million, with a daily ridership of about 314,000 passengers. The number of passengers using marine transit means, comprising abras and water bus, was about 15.35 million, with abras ferrying about 42,000 passengers per day and water about 877,000 per day using water bus.

Cabdrivers educative program launched by RTA Dubai Taxi, Public Transport Agency

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has teamed up with Public Transport Agency at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to run an educative program for DTC taxi drivers focusing on traffic offences, as well as procedures and policies adopted by both bodies towards improving the code of conduct and quality of service delivered to the public.