Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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UAE on the move

It won’t be long before the UAE has one of the most advanced mass transit systems in the world. The decision to expand the rail network is indicative of how swiftly the Metro has now become a part of daily life and totally vindicates the decision to go in for it.

Students attend ‘Buckle-up’ workshop on road safety

Dubai First, a consumer finance firm, announced on Monday the participation of over 200 students in Abu Dhabi in its “Buckle-up” workshop aimed at raising awareness on road safety. The four-hour workshop at Al Muna Primary School, Abu Dhabi, was conducted for students from grades 3 -6

Will you commute via ‘personal rapid transit?’

Imagine stepping onto a cold, windy platform at 2 in the morning and waiting just a few seconds for the transit car to show up. Imagine getting in the car and zipping right by stations as you go directly to your destination. Imagine always having a seat on the train. Believe it or not, you're imagining a concept that's more than 50 years old, but still very rare in the real world.

Taxi drivers warned to watch their speed

Starting today, taxi drivers in the capital are being warned to watch their speed – because an automated fining system will be, too. TransAD, the hired-car regulator, said in a memo to the taxi franchisees last Tuesday that new speed limits would be imposed starting today, monitored through the tracking and dispatch centre.