‘Speed kills’ means nothing


By Mathew Litty  gulfnews.com

How often have we heard the words ‘speed kills’? But it looks like it means nothing to some motorists in Dubai. Their attitude needs to change.

Dubai taxiThese days, highways have turned into Formula One racetracks.

We have speed limits on different roads, but the people who abide by these are continually bullied and harassed by other motorists.

These reckless drivers expect those who are driving safely to get out of their way. If they don’t change lanes immediately, the offending motorists will keep flashing their headlights and honking.

If you keep to the speed limit and drive at 120km/h on the road towards Abu Dhabi, car after car will overtake you on each trip. The only time we see these drivers slow down is when they brake heavily to avoid being caught on a speed camera and this is again dangerous.

No matter which country we are from, we must abide by the road regulations.

Whether a taxi or a sedan, a lorry or a four-wheel-drive, the same rule applies. Otherwise why have speed limits? People who do speed seem to think it is a skill. The authorities should charge such rule violators appropriately. If someone is a repeat offender, he or she should be fined heavily and could even be penalised by the confiscation of their car or driving licence. It seems to be the only way people will ever learn.