Say no to Lexus private taxi offer, Dubai has VIP


By Maryam Al Yammahi

As always, Dubai is the landmark of luxury lifestyle, even in simple things such as taking a cab – albeit a luxury one. But how would you know if the VIP taxi is a fake or not?

Mohammed Yousif, an official from RTA, assured that people should be able to identify VIP taxis to avoid being defrauded.

A few days ago at the exit of a shopping mall, an Emirati lady was approached by a driver in a Lexus car, claiming to be a VIP taxi operator. He offered to drop the lady wherever she wanted to go. The lady was suspicious and did not get into the car.

Mohammed explains that the first thing people need to know is they can identify the luxury taxis by its type. “The cars are Infiniti M37 and Lexus S350 with white number plates.”

The other point is all the drivers from this RTA service wear black uniforms and  black caps.

Abdullah Abdul Rahman, Director, Franchise and Monitoring, explained what people should do when they face a fake VIP taxis with the same brands.

“Call 800 9090 and file a complaint on the vehicle number plate and the RTA will take the necessary measures regarding the subject,” said Abdullah. More info

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