RTA to offer more M-code plates through online auction


Staff report  www.gulftoday.ae

Dubai: The Licensing Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is poised to release of new distinguished plates from code M in its next 11th edition of Number Plates Online Auction, scheduled to be held over three days starting from Feb.21.

“This is meant to capitalise on the huge public turn out triggered by this code offering during last edition,” said Mohammed Abdul Kareem Nimaat, director of Vehicles Licensing at the RTA.

He was buoyed by the success made by the 10th online auction that saw the debut of the M coded plates and the constructive interaction perceived with various community segments.

“This has prompted us to hold another online auction to complement the previous success made by this code and the new auction is set to comprise about 600 distinguished four and five-digit number plates of this category,” he stated.

He said that participation in the auction will open from Sunday and will continue for one week and the bidding process will start on Feb.21.

To participate in the auction, the online visitor is required to log on to the RTA website (www.rta.ae) and deposit Dhs5,000 as a refundable deposit in case no successful bid is made.