RTA showcases energy conservation achievements during World Environment Day celebration


Source:  www.rta.ae

A special exhibition was organized to showcase the Agency’s achievements in environmental sustainability, energy conservation and green economy.

Leaflets about environmental protection were distributed, and a paperless day was observed in all Agency’s premises to mark this occasion, in addition to holding awareness sessions targeting employees and participants, and distributing gifts to best suggestions in environmental protection. The events were hugely popular with all employees and reflected their keenness to learn more about the concept of environmental protection and the global attention it commands.

Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of the Public Transport Agency, Chairman of the Energy and Green Economy Committee, said, “The Agency is diligently and consistently seeking to ensure energy conservation and environmental sustainability, given that it encompasses marine transit means, buses and taxicabs, which are all directly related and closely associated with the concept of environment & energy conservation. Hence, we have introduced a number of initiatives that enabled us to go far and wide in protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. As regards marine transport, we have succeeded in cutting fuel consumption thanks to designating fixed navigation routes for boats, using electric-powered traditional Abras, and biofuel-powered water buses.

“We also have implemented the Auto Switching Off Bus Engine initiative in a number of buses where the engine automatically switches off after stopping for more than five minutes. We are also in a process of developing a plan for using biofuels (5% food oils and 95% diesel) in 118 buses following last year’s successful test run, which slashed carbon emissions by 34% and reduced fuel cost rate by 7%. The Agency has also launched an initiative of cutting busing distance by 15% out of the total kilometers covered by buses per month, rationalizing fuel consumption at Rawiyyah Bus Depot, and using an ultra-low-sulfur diesel, the first of its kind in the Middle East. The drop in bus pollution rates from 0.65 to 0.43 K-VALUE compares well with the world-best practices amounting to 0.72 K-VALUE. Work is currently in progress to implement the Green Station initiative in Jebel Ali station, and construct a green station at Al Khawaneej Bus Depot to the world-class environmental specifications,” he elaborated.

He also highlighted the use of energy-efficient lighting in the premises of both the RTA and Agency, installing eco-friendly bulbs in traffic signals, and installing water saving taps in RTA buildings. “We are currently commissioning a study for constructing sewage recycling plants at Bus Depots, using sewage water in irrigation, and expanding the use of biodiesel in buses and marine transit means,” he noted.

“The RTA’s plans to stimulate and encourage community members to use public transport contribute to minimizing emissions and environmental pollution, and improving air quality & environmental sustainability, among other environmental objectives that it seeks to realize, and our participation in the World Environment Day celebration reflects our ambition and efforts to realize this noble humanitarian goal,” concluded the CEO of the Public Transport Agency. More info