RTA shares best customer service, communication and performance practices with Emirates Transport delegation


Source:  www.ameinfo.com

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has reviewed with a visiting delegation of Emirates Transport the best customer service, communication and corporate performance practices advocated by the RTA in its quest for improving the level of internal & external services and enhancing the applicable strategies of marketing & communication at the corporate level.

Dubai taxiA statement to this effect was made during a visit to RTA Head Office by a delegation of Emirates Transport headed by Khalid Fadl Ahmed, Director of Government Communication at Emirates Transport where it was received by the Director of RTA Marketing & Corporate Communication, Dr. Aysha Al Busmait.

Dr. Al Busmait accompanied the visiting delegation in a tour that took them to several offices in RTA Head Quarter, namely Customer Service Department, Call Center, Women Committee, and Marketing & Corporate Communication Dep’t where they were briefed by the competent female employee about the community-oriented initiatives rolled out in the context of its social responsibility towards various segments of the community as well as social institutions that warrant all sorts of support from the RTA. The delegation also visited RTA Nursery; which is one of the initiatives launched for serving RTA female employees whose fledgling children need to be cared for during the working hours; a practice which results in more relief and stability in the life of those female employees as they are aware that their kids are well looked after by specialist and caring hands.

Dr. Al Busmait reiterated RTA’s continuous endeavours to lend a hand to all government & semi-government entities as well as private companies to upgrade their business conduct and corporate performance to live up to the needs of customers and match the development drive seen by the UAE in general and Dubai Emirate in particular.

“During the visit to RTA Head Office, much emphasis was placed on the best standards & practices of communication between RTA employees and customers based on a number of globally applicable strategies with a view to raising customers & employees’ satisfaction with the RTA. The senior management of the RTA is keen on offering all RTA employees exposure to various training programs in order to upgrade their abilities, hone their skills and motivate them to deliver best-in-class services to the public transport commuters as well as other recipients of RTA services,” said Dr. Al Busmait.

“RTA development systems & policies are aligned with its strategic plan and key performance indicators, and it is therefore in constant pursuit of development and implementation of the operational plan, key performance indicators, and tracking systems of the performance of individual employees as well as the Call Center staff,” she continued.

The delegation also visited the Development & Corporate Performance Dep’t at the Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector where it attended to a visual presentation about the roles & responsibilities of the Dep’t as well as the strategies & systems mapped out for RTA’s participation in the Dubai Government Excellence Performance Awards.

For his part Khalid Fadl Ahmed, Director of Government Communication at Emirates Transport, and the delegation members as well, was delighted with the visit considering it “the first step in the path of widening and improving the relationships between Emirates Transport and the RTA”. In the meantime, they praised the expeditious efforts made by the RTA in broadening & upgrading mass transit systems which span the metro, public buses and marine transit systems such as abras, water bus and water taxi as well as other strategic initiatives & services in place.

“What RTA has and is still achieving is a source of pride for all of us as it managed, through its ambitious plans & effective strategies, to make giant strides that put Dubai Emirates on the global map of highly advanced metropolis in terms of infrastructure & public transport means like the metro, public buses and other water transport means,” said the Director of Government Communication at Emirates Transport in a final remark.