RTA offers attractive number plates for motorbikes


Source:  www.khaleejtimes.com

The RTA is offering 8,000 distinguished four and five-digit number plates for motorbikes.

Number plates for motorbikesThese plates are obtainable through the RTA portal, customer service centres, service providers and auto dealers. The move is primarily aimed at making bikes attractive to a larger segment of the community.

“There are about 20,000 motorbikes registered in Dubai; which is a small number compared to the number of registered private vehicles which exceed one million. Therefore the Licensing Agency opted to revive the motorbikes market through offering interested individuals ample opportunity to select their fancied plates in a transparent and clearly defined manner, and acquire them in a hassle-free environment,” said Abdullah Abdul Rahman, Acting Director of Vehicles Licensing.

“The plates will be offered at their nominal prices which range from Dh1,110 to Dh2,610 as the underlying objective of selling motorbike plates is not to make profit,” he continued.