RTA move to bridle cabbies with “Back off Radio”


By Staff  www.khaleejtimes.com

Dubai — A “Back off Radio” will now alert taxi drivers when they are too close to the car in front, a move the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) says will reduce road accidents.

1‘Back off Radio’ collects real time information that doesn’t only warn about tailgating but can also detect speeding, and aggressive driving. This can then be analysed to assist the RTA to create safer roads.

“The initiative utilises a device that is built into the taxis. Once the taxi reaches a speed of 60km/hour, sensors fitted to the front and rear of the car are activated. If the taxi enters within the safety zone of the vehicle in front, a safety message will be sent to the taxi’s speaker inside the car.

Similarly, if a vehicle approaching a taxi breaches the safety zone, they will receive a message through their own radio. This safety message will tell the driver to back away from the vehicle in front and to remember to keep a safe distance.

The RTA announced the initiative on Thursday in partnership with Arabian Radio Network. More info