RTA holds brainstorming session for uplifting services for people with special needs


Source:  www.rta.ae

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently held a brainstorming session to which it has invited a plethora of experts & specialists in serving people with special needs at public and private entities.

2The session, which was also attended by several disabled individuals and activists in this field, was part of RTA’s endeavor to realize the Dubai Government’s initiative of making Dubai a disabled-friendly city by 2020.

“The Customers Service Department has held this session in a bid to raise the satisfaction with RTA services offered to the disabled via all open channels. It focused on identifying the needs & expectations of customers of this category to improve services, and overcome difficulties & challenges confronting improvements,” said Ahmed Mahboob, Director of Customers Service Centers, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, RTA.

“The session covered a host of key topics namely: innovation & creativity in how to bring happiness to the disabled through the optimal improvement of services provided. Brainstorming sessions have become part of our solid corporate practices & culture, and a means of bringing happiness to our external and internal customers.

We are approaching this practice through constantly attending to improving our services & processes, and making relentless efforts to envision the future with a view to enhancing the satisfaction of our customers, serving their needs and anticipating their expectations,” he continued.

“The session has concluded to a number of key recommendations and suggestions for improving the performance of the RTA in serving the disabled, achieving more excellence & creativity in bringing happiness to people through these services. The Department held this brainstorming session in implementation of RTA’s third strategic goal: Bringing Happiness to People through the continual improvement of services.

The Department is equally keen on improving the way of delivering services in a way befitting the global profile of the UAE in general and Dubai in particular, considering it a premier regional center in delivering services such as mass transit means, and other related services,” added the Director of Customers Service Centers. More info