People Happiness rating hits 90% in 2016 according to Dubai Smart Government Office report

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has revealed the practical outcomes of implementing ‘People Happiness’ strategy


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has revealed the practical outcomes of implementing ‘People Happiness’ strategy in terms of the Happiness Indicator and the extent of compatibility of this strategy with the Happiness Model of the Federal Government and the Happiness Agenda of the Dubai Government.

The Report ranked RTA as the first government entity in attracting the largest number of responders as well as other successful deliverables.

HE Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA, expressed his pleasure with the practical achievements of the happiness strategy launched during the Happiness Week in Dubai Mall last February. He noted that RTA had been ranked as the first government entity that had attracted the largest number of customers responding to the polls. He revealed that according to the report of the Dubai Smart Government Office, RTA had achieved People Happiness rating in as much as 90% this year (2016), recalling that the average rating achieved last year (2015) was 89%.

“The internal happiness indicator’s measurements are aligned with internationally accredited techniques. Measurements taken last March, which match to the approved strategy model, indicated that RTA had achieved a happy rating of 76.6%, and a Very Happy rating amounting to 33.4%. This result is 2.6% higher than global entities using the same measurement index. The improvement areas have been identified through customers observations in the surveys. It is noteworthy that happiness indicator’s service is now active in the eight customers’ service centers (100%) as an initial step,” said Al Tayer.

The service is also active on RTA websites i.e. RTA main website (, Salik portal ( and NOL card webpage (

RTA had launched the People Happiness strategy during the Customers Happiness Week held in Dubai Mall last February, and held several workshops for managers, employees, service providers and all partners with the aim of introducing them to the People Happiness strategy in accordance with the approved communication plan.

The Authority had also staged the International Day of Happiness, hosted a bunch of international speakers, and undertaken a number of initiatives such as forming happiness committee, and conducting exclusive surveys for measuring happiness rating. It has also launched initiatives related to customer, employees and the work environment, and implemented the Star Ranking system to customers’ service centers.

“The third strategic goal (People Happiness) of RTA’s Strategic Plan had been revised to include three new strategic objectives including taking a leading role in achieving people happiness, acting in conformity with customers, and boosting happiness & positive work energy,” stated Al Tayer.

“RTA’s staff concerned held a meeting with the Dubai Smart City Office to activate the Happiness Indicator. The meeting agreed to introduce the Happiness Indicator in all the service delivery channels to include websites, smart apps and self-service kiosks (Nafethati) as part of a comprehensive plan to promote people happiness, and raise the existing rating level.

RTA focuses on aligning the Happiness Strategy with the Happiness Agenda of smart Dubai, and pushing up the current rating of the indicator. RTA will align the happiness strategy with the happiness agenda of the Dubai Smart City, which comprises four pillars namely: education, measurement, discovery, and change.

The Authority is always keen on keeping pace with the directives of the Dubai Government for realizing people happiness and contributing to nurturing a government working for the convenience of community members around-the-clock. The UAE in general and Dubai in particular will thus  be a home of happiness rather than just a hub of business & finance. More info