New restaurant for Dubai taxi drivers



Dubai cabbies have a new place to eat after the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) opened a new canteen as part of its drive to boost morale.

Food on offer includes Oriental, Asian and Arabic dishes – and aims to cater for the dozens of different nationalities.

The RTA said the move as one of a series of initiatives being undertaken by the DTC to raise job satisfaction among drivers.

In a statement, a spokesperson said: “This initiative is taken in the context of DTC’s attention and care for its human resources who are the backbone and the frontend of the DTC in dealing with the public.

“The DTC is aspiring to play a leading role in taxi services at the regional level through delivering top-class services to customers; which can only be achieved through the concerted efforts of all employees.

“The restaurant comprises a diverse cast of oriental, Asian and local dishes purposely prepared to meet the preferences and tastes of more than 8,000 cabdrivers hailing from more than 35 nationalities. More info