New Guide To Dubai for Female Business Travelers



New York, NY (October, 2011) —, a website providing essential travel tips and guidance for female business travelers, has just launched its free Dubai Guide.

Dubai panorama
Dubai panorama

The Dubai Guide provides a wealth of useful information including customs and immigration procedures when entering the United Arab Emirates, as well as recommendations for telecommunications, business etiquette, eating, shopping, culture, beauty and health, sightseeing, getting around, and more. The Dubai Guide also includes a favorite hotels section which highlights unique amenities for women business travelers.

“The global marketplace is continuing to expand, and an increasing number of businesses — especially in the banking and tourism sectors — send their executives to Dubai,” notes Marie Lotode Chandra, Founder and CEO of ViaHerWorld. “Most of these female business travelers are unsure of how best to prepare for a visit to this city and find the existing resources extremely limited. As such, we feel that our Dubai Guide is a natural extension of our incredibly popular city guides which also include San Francisco, New York, Paris, and Bangalore.”

Sample tips from the Dubai Guide include the following:

When you arrive in Dubai, you have the option to take a “pink taxi,” which is a taxi driven exclusively by women. You will most likely be directed to this line and while it is not required to take one, it is indeed faster than waiting in the regular taxi line.

Even though the official language of Dubai is Arabic, it is a bilingual country and English is widely spoken everywhere (not just in business circles, but in stores, by taxi drivers, etc.).

You will find a proliferation of five-star hotels in Dubai and it is probably the best place to dine on your own as many hotel and non-hotel guests tend to dine there solo.

If you are going to be in Dubai for a quick stopover or need to do some last-minute shopping without breaking the bank, the Deira City Centre is perfect for such situations as it’s located next to Dubai International Airport and is relatively inexpensive as compared to the Dubai Mall and MOE (Mall of the Emirates). Best of all, it is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Thursday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to midnight so the hours are conducive to doing some shopping even when your schedule is incredibly tight.

Travel can wear you out, particularly when traveling to a far-flung destination like Dubai. A full schedule of travel and meetings can often make it challenging to find the time to take care of your personal needs, but there are some great spas in Dubai where you can squeeze in that manicure and pedicure before your next meeting.

Dubai has a number of hotels who truly understand the special needs of women travelers and go to great lengths to provide women with the comforts they deserve from offering favorite products to healthy dining options and yoga classes, ladies-only floors, or rooms suitable for longer-term stays.

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