Monitoring and Enforcement Dep’t runs educative campaign to promote compliance with rules, standards


The Monitoring & Enforcement Dep’t, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), is lending considerable support to its strategic partners and service suppliers as part of its ongoing efforts to run a series of educative campaigns to ensure the compliance of stakeholders with the rules and regulations in force.

Monitoring & Enforcement Dep'tThe drive is bound to effectively bolster the Department’s endeavours to realize its targets, and maintain the core values & standards; which will ultimately contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the RTA.

The Director of Monitoring & Enforcement Dep’t, RTA Licensing Agency Ahlam Al-Feel stated that the Institutes & Vehicle Examiners Performance Monitoring Section in the Agency was keen on rolling out an educative campaign focusing on the offences of Technical Testing Centers.

The Campaign, which targeted all examiners and the concerned technical testing staff (47 persons) and engaged in the testing of light & heavy vehicles, sought to introduce the attendants to the applicable offences and grievance procedures, besides communicating with examiners to identify their needs and difficulties encountered in performing their technical testing jobs.

Commenting on the conduct of driving institutes and centers, Al-Feel said: “The Dep’t has held a training course for operation officers in the five driving institutes and centers in Dubai Emirate through elaborating the mechanism of monitoring the performance of driving institutes, explaining offences reported in the licensing of driving institutions in Dubai along with the grievance mechanism in place.”

The Monitoring & Enforcement Dep’t has also delivered a host of training lectures about the general observations relating to the trial test, where about 92 examiners and training officials had benefited from the course. More educative campaigns were made targeting instructors at driving institutes & centers to explain the offences and the associated fines.

“The drive included a lecture about the offences of Commercial Activities Monitoring Section of Car Rental Offices based in Jebel Ali Free Zone Area (JAFZA), giving full explanation of the procedures of using the Car Rental Offices Information System and how to communicate between the Dep’t and these offices. Another lecture was held targeting owners and directors of Car Rental Offices focusing on the electronic information system, highlighting the offence clauses and the need for entering contracts in the system,” continued Al-Feel.

The Director of Monitoring & Enforcement commended these campaigns which are aimed at setting standards that effectively contribute to minimizing offences and the resultant financial penalties; which can only be made through the continuous coordination as well as adopting and promoting the traffic awareness & culture, along with the extent of support accorded by the Dep’t in the general interest of the business sector in Dubai.