It’s a fare guess on many Sharjah taxis


By Mariam M. Al Serkal

Drivers don’t tell passengers about Dubai crossover charge at the outset

Sharjah taxiResidents continue to voice reservations about the taxi service in Sharjah with many taxi drivers not informing passengers in advance of the Dh20 charge that applies to inter-emirate trips to Dubai and back.

New residents who are unaware about the extra charges are often taken by surprise when hiring a taxi in Sharjah. “They do not say that you have to pay an extra Dh20 to go to Dubai until you have reached your destination, and the taxi driver was ill mannered when explaining the rule,” said Reshma Baig, an exasperated Dubai resident.

Jasem Al Beloushi, Manager of Sharjah Taxi, said that there are no rules stating that taxi drivers have to inform their passengers about the Dh20 fee for crossing the Dubai border.

“But they do have to press a button on the meter which will automatically show an additional charge of Dh20. If the extra charges are not shown on the meter, the driver is a thief and the passenger has every right to call Sharjah Transport and file a complaint,” he said.

Meanwhile, an official at Sharjah Transport Monday announced that all 4,000 taxis operating in the city will be equipped with dispatch service equipment by November.

After an encouraging response from residents to the booking service which was launched on 1,125 taxis, in January, 2,800 taxis have been equipped with the equipment.


Residents can have access to taxi bookings by calling the telephone service number 600-54545.

The booking taxi service is available for 16 hours a day from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week, and the operators are conversant in Arabic and English. Passengers will be charged a fee of Dh5 for booking a taxi.