Garbage truck causes Dubai highway gridlock


By Keith Fernandez

Dubai residents were given a taste of legendary Sheikh Zayed Road gridlock on Tuesday when a garbage collection truck tipped over on Sheikh Zayed Road early in the day.

The accident occurred just past exit 43 in the direction of Abu Dhabi, causing major congestion and tailbacks for several kilometres. The driver lost control around 10am after a tyre burst, causing the vehicle to land on its side, police sources told reporters.

“I was stuck in traffic for more than an hour this morning,” a Dubai Taxi driver named Mohammed Ashraf told Emirates 24|7. “I’ve not seen this kind of traffic for two years.”

Although police managed to remove the truck from the road within an hour, up until about 2pm, traffic was still gridlocked, causing tailbacks for several kilometres.

The driver and his companion reportedly sustained moderate injuries and were taken to Rashid Hospital for treatment.

Traffic was restored to its free-flowing state by 4pm, a commuter said.