Facelift for cabbie homes


By Matovu A. Twaha  gulftoday.ae

THE Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has given about Dhs 4 million for maintenance of its residential complex, where approximately 7,600 drivers of 30 nationalities live.

Dubai taxiThe work will be carried out by Obaid Al Abdi Maintenance and Décor LLC, a company “selected through a bidding process.”

DTC based in Al Muhaisnah, is one of the five franchise companies operating in Dubai that is owned by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Maintenance work and services will be offered that will benefit the drivers said the Chief Executive Officer of RTA Dubai Taxi Corporation, Abdul Aziz Malik.

“We are taking measures and offer facilities that are intended to improve drivers’ satisfaction,” said the Director of DTC Resources and Support, Ali Mattar.

Other services that DTC will offer include “opening a communication office to sort out drivers’ problems and sign off complaints within three days; using Awselni service introduced by Public Transport Agency, and offering a host of recreational and sport services,” he said.

Awselni is a service that aims to ease traffic tailbacks caused by a high number of private vehicles on roads. The service provides buses to people working in the same organisation, driving the employees from and to their homes and work places.

Mattar said the DTC accommodation is “complete” because “we also opened a restaurant offering service 24 hours a day that includes a variety of daily dishes to cater to the tastes of diverse nationalities. We also opened a barber’s shop to maintain the good appearance of drivers, a supermarket selling the daily commodities required by drivers and a laundry room to clean the personal as well as the official dresses of drivers.”

The drivers come from the UAE, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sudan, Somalia, Palestine, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Yemen.

Other countries where drivers hail from include Algeria, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, Iraq, Nepal, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Kenya, Eritrea, Turkey, Djibouti, Uzbekistan, and Myanmar.