EMGAS to open UAE compressed natural gas stations


By Jennifer Eagle  www.constructionweekonline.com

Emirates Gas (EMGAS) promoted Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as the cleanest burning fuel today and a viable alternative in environmentally sustainable energy use.

EMGASSpeaking at the first International CNG and NGV Conference in Dubai recently, Saeed Abdullah Khoory, ENOC’s CEO said identifying alternative sources of energy and promoting the use of green fuels is key for sustainable development.

EMGAS is a wholly owned subsidiary of ENOC, the Dubai government-owned diversified energy group.

It hosted the conference to promote the development of CNG and Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Industry in the UAE and strengthen the use of alternative sources of energy in the UAE including clean fuels.

“The UAE has already embarked upon an aggressive CNG/NGV programme and we are working towards operating our own CNG stations across the UAE in the future,” said Hesham Ali Mustafa, senior director, Gas Marketing, EMGAS.

He added, CNG has several advantages including lower operating and maintenance costs and added safety. In addition, many vehicles are specifically designed to run on natural gas and often have greater power and efficiency.

CNG transportation fuel is fast becoming an alternative to traditional petrol and diesel fuels with many countries around the world promoting its use.

It is estimated 450 vehicles in the UAE operate on CNG with 20 CNG filling stations already operational in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah.

Also more than 11 million vehicles worldwide operate on natural gas with the Asian Pacific region having the maximum number of CNG stations and vehicles – 6.6 million CNG vehicles and 8,500 CNG stations.

EMGAS first introduced CNG as a successful alternative fuel for the marine applications in Dubai more than two years ago and also worked with the RTA to introduce CNG on Abras that operate between Bur Dubai and Deira on the Dubai Creek.

EMGAS also signed an agreement with Dubai Municipality to introduce CNG in all public transport.

The conference was inaugurated by Her Excellency Dr. Mariam Hassan Al Shenasi, Undersecretary at the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water, including industry experts from EMGAS, ENOC, ADNOC, Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality and the RTA.