Dubai taxis to now accept Nol, credit cards


By Staff

The Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) and Network International, a payment solutions provider in the Middle East, today entered into a partnership that will enable passengers using the RTA’s taxis to pay fares using Nol, credit and debit cards.

The service will be implemented in phases, starting today, and is scheduled to be completed by mid of 2015.

The announcement was made at a press conference by Dr. Yousif Al Ali, CEO of Public Transport at the RTA, and Bhairav Trivedi, CEO, Network International, in the presence of senior officials from both organisations.

‘This initiative would indisputably constitute an added value service to public transport commuting in general and to taxi riding in particular,’ said Dr. Yousif Al Ali.

‘The taxi service sector is witnessing remarkable growth in Dubai, thanks to the increasing demand from the public, representing all social cross sections including residents, tourists and visitors. The demand is especially high during peak seasons when Dubai hosts a range of events such as conventions, exhibitions, fairs and other landmark events,’ he added.

‘Nol cards and bank credit and debit cards of various types from all around the world can be used to pay the taxi fares to smoothly and easily facilitate payment without the trouble of finding ATMs, in case cash is not in hand.’ More info