Web Taxi Services

Continuing to our commitment of providing the best possible services for our customers, we introduce our new online booking service “WebTaxi”. Now our customers can always get through to us, and reserve a taxi in a matter of minutes.

This is a simple yet powerful service that provides a comprehensive online service for our customers. It does not require any software or hardware installation, all you need is an internet connection.

Web Taxi service is fully integrated with the distribution and reservation section system, therefore to use this service proactively, the customer needs to register into the service using valid credentials. After receiving the temporary password via SMS, the customer can login, change the temporary password, and make taxi reservation.

Key benefits

  • Use your computer to make taxi reservations quickly and efficiently, and no need to be tied up when reception phones are busy.
  • Reduce costs and efforts to place a reservation.
  • Enable the customer to make advanced reservations.
  • The ability to cancel advanced reservations.
  • Access to historical data quickly and easily.
  • Unlimited number of saved profiles.

Click here, to visit online WebTaxi service.