Dubai taxi will reach you in 13 minutes on average


By Staff

Dubai The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said it handled 7,257,944 calls for taxis from January to October 2015. There were 5,060,550 bookings during this period, and taxis made 88,029,480 trips.

2During the same period, response time to incoming calls was 22 seconds and average time for dispatching a taxi to customer 13 minutes and 42 seconds.

“The new IVR system introduced in the Booking and Dispatch Service has multiple features enabling the caller to inquire about the services, taxi fleet and booking. The caller can also make cancellation and service assessment, and the system can send text messages to customers,” said Abdullah Al Mahri, Director of Franchise & Monitoring, RTA.

“The caller can make a booking, and specify the time, address as well as the type of service by following guidance in pre-recorded voice messages. The system can also offer a host of services covering the needs of various community segments such as booking taxis for the disabled, ladies and families, including cabs fitted with baby seats. Taxis are also deployed to serve events held in Dubai in addition to festivals, airports and ports,” he noted. More info