Dubai Taxi uses simulators to demonstrate the importance of safety belt to cabbies



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has purchased a flipping vehicle to be used as a simulator and practical demonstrations system at Drivers Training & Qualification Center at DTC Fleet Drivers Affairs Dep’t in a step aimed to maintain the overall safety and cab drivers safety in particular.

Dubai taxiCommenting on the development, the CEO of DTC Abdul Aziz Malik said: “DTC is the first taxi operator to use this vehicle. The underlying objective of buying and introducing this vehicle as part of the daily training of drivers is to stress the importance of fastening the safety belt during driving, highlighting the right and wrong methods of using the safety belt, and the high risks involving over-speeding. The simulator gives the driver a true feeling and taste of repercussions of traffic accidents particularly when the safety belt is not buckled up.

DTC has trained drivers instructors at the Drivers Training & Qualification Center, on how to use this vehicle in the daily training carried out in coordination with Emirates Driving Institute, Al Qusais with the aim of achieving these objectives and obtaining maximum benefit from this vehicle.

“Safe driving, defensive driving, prevention of accidents and road safety in Dubai are among the key training topics delivered to DTC cab drivers such that they will be capable of offering safe trips in realization of our Vision of Safe and Smooth Transport for All. Over the course of this year, there will much emphasis on Drivers Training and Qualification Center, and several initiatives and projects will be rolled out to serve this Center such that it will shape into an e-learning bay; as is the case in several countries such Australia, France and Singapore.

“In the Drivers Training and Qualification Center emphasis is placed on all daily work aspects of cab drivers as shown in the new training program run over 30 days, as well as rehabilitation programs and accidents programs. These daily sessions depend on theoretical and practical training lectures delivered in several classes, each comprising 30 cabbies. The session starts with a definition of the job nature of the cab driver, and rules and regulations of the RTA in general and DTC in particular; where more than 7800 cabbies are deployed 24 hours a day on shift basis.

“DTC Fleet Drivers Affairs Dep’t is keen on qualifying and training cabbies before deploying them on taxicabs, and therefore runs a series of diverse introductory and educative lectures to drivers at this Center in cooperation with different external bodes. These lectures cover a wide range of topics and issues such as the rights and responsibilities of passengers, driver’s responsibilities, along with the key 7 steps of excellent customer service, the conduct and general appearance, the risks of using the mobile phone during driving, traffic offences and how to curb them, orientation about the new locations and districts and updates, the positioning system, first aid, procedures & policies of DTC and Public Transport Agency, and Drivers Violation Code,” concluded Malik.