Dubai Taxi to recruit lady cabbies



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) is braced for recruiting lady cabdrivers to run its Ladies & Families Taxi Service.

Dubai taxiAccording to the Director of DTC Fleet Drivers Affairs Ammar bin Tamim, the DTC would hold a woman-exclusive open career expo to recruit potential lady cab drivers in collaboration with the Emirates Driving Institute during 21 – 23 June 2011 at the premises of the Institute.

The DTC has set out a number of conditions that have to be satisfied in the potential recruits; which include: a valid UAE driving license for light vehicles as well as a certificate of good conduct. Additionally, the applicant must not have been convicted in a freedom-restricting penalty in a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or dishonesty unless being pardoned by a competent authority or restituted in accordance with the law.

She must not have been previously dismissed from service during the last year of previous service due to disciplinary action related to work or by a final court ruling in a crime not involving moral turpitude or dishonesty. She must have a basic knowledge of English language (reading & speaking), valid transferable residency visa, or visit visa valid at least for more than a month, and a passport valid for more than six months.

She must not be under the age of 21 and not more than 45, but in case the applicant exceeds the prescribed age, a medical examination will be conducted. Priority will be given to married women aged 35 years or above. Applicants must have good appearance and pass the approved medical tests needed for the residency visa.

Among the skills required for this job is that the applicant must have at least one year experience in this field and full knowledge of all geographic locations in the Emirate of Dubai. Priority order will be to citizens of the United Arab Emirates, GCC countries, Arab countries, and other nationalities.

These drivers will be trained and fully qualified to work as drivers in the Ladies & Families Taxi Service, which runs from 6 am to 2 am and is considered the first of its kind in the Arab world. About 24 cabs are operated by 65 female drivers of various nationalities who have attended qualifying training courses for 21 days at DTC Drivers Training & Qualification Center. Each course included DTC work systems, incentives & penalties system, training on the use of electronics onboard cabs and orientation to the landmarks, tourist sites and key locations in the Emirate of Dubai. They are also acquainted with the customer service system, Al Ameen’s system advocated by the General HQ of the Dubai Police, passengers & drivers safety and practical demonstration of driving.

The Director of Fleet Drivers Affairs called on applicants who satisfy these conditions to personally visit the open career show held in collaboration with Emirates Driving Institute during 21 – 23 June 2011 at the premises of the Institute, or Drivers Recruitment Section, DTC Fleet Drivers Affairs Dep’t, Al Qusais during the official working hours (from 07:30 am to 02:30 pm) accompanying copies of C.V., passport, academic certifications, practical experience and the original driving license. All inquiries can be made through 04-2080554 or 04-2080637.