Dubai Taxi to cool water tanks in drivers quarters



Out of its keen attention to deliver excellent services to cabdrivers, the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has embarked last month on cooling the water tanks at drivers accommodation including a mechanism to control the water temperature to make it cool in summer and warm in winter to suit the needs of drivers.

According to the Director of Resources and Support Ali Mattar Mohammed, the Department made a series of modifications and maintenance works at the drivers residential complex including the installation of chillers for the existing water tanks at a cost of about half a million dirham in view of the scorching heat in summer under a project awarded to a specialized local company according to a set of agreed specifications and quality standards.

“DTC cabdrivers hail from 31 nationalities and the Corporatiaon is very much concerned with drivers welfare. Recently DTC drivers satisfaction rating made remarkable progress and achieved the targeted levels last year, thanks to a number of measures and facilities provided in various fields related to drivers,” said Ali Mattar.

“These measures which are intended to raise drivers satisfaction included maintenance of drivers quarters included the opening of an office for facilitating interaction with drivers and sorting out their complaints and inquiries within three working days maximum, and incorporating cabdrivers in Awselni bus service run by Public Transport Agency in addition to a number of services and recreational as well as sports activities such as a restaurant, barber shop, supermarket, laundry and other services to meet the daily and essential needs of drivers.

“This project comes in the context of the DTC’s efforts to develop and introduce services to employees in general and cabdrivers in particular. In a sense they reflect tribute to the efforts and daily performance of cabbies to achieve the highest standards of ideal service to passengers and customers,” said Ali Mattar in a final remark.