Dubai Taxi starts selling water in taxicabs, in coop with Al Ain Mineral Water Co.



In keeping with its drive to deliver excellent customer services and attain customers satisfaction, the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in cooperation with Al Ain Mineral Water Co, has kicked off the selling of mineral water bottles in its taxi fleet in an initial trial phase covering 350 taxicabs comprising Airport Taxi fleet, for a 3 months period, following which the results and process of the project will be assessed.

Dubai taxiSpeaking on the project, the CEO of DTC Abdul Aziz Malik said: “The processes of the project will be monitored in cooperation with Al Ain Mineral Water Co, through an office specially established for this purpose. Among the core objectives of the project is to educate customers on the importance of water in maintaining and renewing the activity of our bodies, particularly during summer.”

Malik continued: “The DTC, in coordination with Al Ain Mineral Water Co, has trained cabdrivers on receiving & delivering drinking water bottles, and how to compute the cost fixed as two dirham per each 500 ml bottle through the taximeter. This will enable daily follow-up of mineral water selling transactions, preparing & keeping the accounting and financial records and details, and submitting a weekly financial report to assess the trial period and extent of its success.

“Cooperation with Al Ain Mineral Water Co is only an integral part of DTC‘s attention towards implementing best-in-class standards through rolling out the project, maintaining technical and field follow-up, and monitoring the performance with the aim of delivering a service that lives up to the billing of Dubai at all levels. To keep pace with the superb standing of Dubai Emirate, RTA and DTC logos have been placed on the bottles together with the telephone numbers of RTA Customer Service Center and Call Center,” said Malik in a final remark.

For his part Mr. Fasahat Beg, General Manager of Al Ain Mineral Water Co, was delighted with starting of the implementation of the Agreement made between the RTA andDTC. “A full team has been set up to run this project with the DTC to ensure the project deliver within the fixed timeline. Various tasks have been apportioned such as the management of mineral water bottles store, monitoring the installation, maintenance and performance of chillers in taxicabs, pricing, safety procedures on board, and assessing the project together with the observations received with a view to improving the service delivered and accordingly achieve higher customer satisfaction.