Dubai Taxi signs MoU with Saaed for Traffic Systems



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Saaed for Traffic Systems Co, Abu Dhabi in the framework of its initiative to share knowledge and expertise in a bid to raise the caliber of systems and regulations related to the planning of Management of Accidents and Technical Services Operations.

Dubai taxiThe MoU was signed for the DTC by Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency deputing the CEO of DTC Abdul Aziz Malik, and for Saaed was signed by engineer Ibrahim Yousef Ramal, Chief Executive of Saaed, in the presence of Yousef Al Ali, Director of DTC’s Fleet Operations, and Ammar bin Tamim, Director of DTC’s Fleet Drivers Affairs.

“Through signing of this MoU, DTC is seeking to achieve a host of objectives, which include maintaining the communication & interaction between the two parties in order to realize their common interests, exchange the corporate knowledge and expertise at all common levels including sharing of information relating to traffic accidents and relevant studies, and exchanging mutual social visits,” said Abdul Aziz Malik.

“This MoU is intended to jointly develop systems and legislations of all scopes of services relating to planning of minor accidents management operations, technical services and maintenance & repair workshop systems,” added Malik.

He stressed that the agency had its own strategic objectives behind this MoU as represented in reducing transport-generated adverse environmental impacts as well as reducing the number of accidents and mortality.

On the other hand, engineer Ibrahim Youssef Ramal expressed his delight to complete this agreement and work closely with the RTA in general and Dubai Taxi Corporation in particular.

“Through this MoU, the two parties will seek to materialize the concept of partnership and cooperation between government and private institutions to achieve the highest levels of quality.” he said.

Engineer Ramal added: “Traffic accidents have grown into an overriding concern for all community members, and become one of the most important problems that deplete financial and human resources. They target communities in the most important element of life i.e. human beings, in addition to the resulting social and psychological problems and huge material losses.

This has prompted us to figure out solutions and suggestions to put them into effect in a bid to curb these accidents or at least cope with their causes and alleviate their negative impacts.

Since the UAE market in particular and the Gulf, as well as the Middle Eastern market in general, is in need of modern accident management systems to enhance the interaction between the concerned parties, Saaed introduced a system that meets the needs of all parties and keeps abreast of the projected future development.