Dubai Taxi sets an exclusive stand in UITP Exhibition



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), is taking part in the 59th UITP (International Association of Public Transport) Congress and Exhibition currently held in Dubai from 10 to 14 April 2011 under the theme: Boosting Public Transport Action, through an exclusive stand covering 150 square meters in Hall No (3), Dubai World Trade Center housing all DTC business partners and entities.

The CEO of DTC Abdul Aziz Malik said: “The DTC’s stand in the event is patronized by TGP Exhibitions and Conventions Management Co; and acts as an umbrella housing Kassab Media Advertising Inc, Al Dobowi Tyres Co, Intertec Systems Inc, Al Zarooni International EqUITPuipment, Emirates National Oil Company, and Emirates Driving Institute. The stand exhibits a special needs vehicle and a new standard taxicab to showcase its potentials and services to visitors.”

“The UITP Congress and Exhibition is the pinnacle of public transport events across the world and stands out as a testament to the improvement seen by the public transport in Dubai Emirate. The event is hosted in Dubai as part of RTA’s efforts to showcase the active role played by the UAEpublic transport sector and the huge development achieved by this vital sector in all technological and service sectors among others, with a view to showcasing it around the globe as this Exhibition is a global event featuring participation of key public and private entities engaged in public transport industry worldwide,” continued Malik.

“This great event will help develop a common global understanding of the vital role played by public transportation in supporting the communication between various influential sectors at the regional and international levels. This high-profile global event will be an important milestone in achieving the objectives that RTA seeks to realize through staging this great event.

The UAE public transport sector currently enjoys a prominent standing across the globe through the significant progress made and quality of services rendered. This leading position will undoubtedly be the focus of attention of participants in the Exhibition, which will be a fertile ground to bolster relations of the parties involved and offer a platform to exchange the expertise and concepts among them,” he added.

Malik continued: “The UITP and RTA aim to double up the share of public transport in the global market through exchanging experiences & knowledge, promoting the proper concepts of mass transit among various segments of the community, and benefiting from the experiences of the advanced countries in this area in a bid to realize RTA’s Vision of Safe and Smooth Transport for All.”

“This Congress serves as an interactive platform for public transport- innovations, services, solutions and technologies highlighted by its positive impact on the local economy by attracting direct foreign investment, developing projects & profitable business in the country by contracting companies, supporting the private sector, bringing advanced technology & traffic systems, improving the climate of the United Arab Emirates by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, conserving natural resources and reducing energy consumption,” added Malik.

“The hosting by the UAE of this Congress is a great privilege and honors that reflects the true image of the Emirate of Dubai worldwide and at the same time proves the UAE‘s global competitive ability. It also showcases the positive results and integrated services to be achieved in a civilized pattern of public transportation services, creates a new work culture in this sector, and practices the latest applications adopted in regulating public transport services such that they become the first choice of citizens, residents and visitors,” said the CEO of DTC in a final remark.