Dubai Taxi re-launches tyres safety initiative in cooperation with Dobowi



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has re-launched ‘Your Safety’ campaign for the second stratight year in cooperation with Al Dobowi Tyre Company to educate taxi drivers on how to inspect and check tyres before starting to drive.

Dubai taxiThe campaign also aims to stress the importance of tires to the safety of vehicles, being a key component of vehicles, and to maintain them in a sound manner in order to guard against road risks and surprises.

“This initiative comes in the context of the DTC’s drive to maintain the safety of customers and users of taxi drivers at the highest global safety standards,” said Yousef Al Ali, Director of DTC Fleet Operations.

“Taxi drivers are being educated on how to check tyres and the distinguished drivers receive instant rewards at the inspection site in a bid to reward and honour their compliance with the safety standards and procedures and prompt other drivers to check tyres condition and air pressure regularly,” he continued.

Al Ali highlighted the importance of tyres since they are the direct contact point between vehicles and roads and are therefore affected by the road condition.

“Awareness programs have got to be introduced to educate drivers to appreciate the crucial importance of tyres. For this purpose DTC has developed educative and training programs for drivers on how to handle emergency matters during driving, and carry out preventive tire checks before starting off,” he added.

Al Ali thanked Al Dobowi Tyre Company for sponsoring this campaign for the second year running, contributing to educating taxi drivers, and showing full attention towards ensuring compliance of taxi drivers with the safety standards.

“Such attention underscores the role of tyres in securing the safety of the vehicle, driver and passengers; which echoes the DTC’s endeavours to provide security and safety and achieve the best results in keeping with the vision of providing Safe and Smooth Transport for All,” he concluded.