Dubai Taxi opens technical support office for employees and customers



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Authority has opened a technical support office at its Head Office to receive daily requests and inquiries from employees, suppliers and visitors with a view to easing the procedures, saving time & effort and streamlining the daily jobs of various sections.

New technical support office at RTA Head Office
New technical support office at RTA Head Office

“The objective underlying the opening of this office is to simplify the processing of daily requests and to provide technical support services to a variety of sections including: Human Resources, Services, Procurement, Financial Affairs, Information Technology, and Marketing & Media. This scheme is in fact one of the initiatives contained in DTC operational plan for this year and as such would pave the ground for realizing our strategic objectives,” said Ali Mattar Mohammed, Director of Resources and Support, Dubai Taxi Corporation.

“An internal work team has been formed comprising employees of various Sections of the Department to draw up the roles & responsibilities of this Office. During this probationary period, the team will examine the feasibility of the scheme, the work progress, receiving of requests and measuring of employees & vendors satisfaction.”

“For this purpose, the entrance of the Reception has been customized to include all services and applications submitted besides making other partitions in the offices of DTC departments and sections,” he added.

“Applications have been divided in categories that include: DTC employee applications relating to salary certificate, salary transfer, passport handing over and various administrative services such as stationery & office supplies, maintenance & miscellaneous fixtures, service terminal benefits, validation of systems and accessories, and technological services in addition to programs, reports and maintenance of systems and equipment.”

“The other category of applications relates to customers and vendors and covers releasing retained financial sums, releasing bank guarantees, processing local purchase orders, registration of suppliers, buying tender documents, collection and delivery of cheques, processing the paying installments to clients and providing deferred payment coupon vouchers among others”, continued Ali Mattar.

He stressed that the new Office would receive applications both electronically and manually pending the completion of automation of all applications and online services project in the context of DTC’s efforts to upgrade its e-services. All concerned bodies and employees of the DTC as well as customers and visitors had been intimated on the opening of this Office.

The Director of Resources and Support expressed his thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed to the completion and opening of this Office which would pay dividends in the near future. He called on visitors and vendors to deal with this office in following up all their transactions & applications, and direct any inquiries or comments contributing to the improvement of the DTC services through this Office as well.