Dubai Taxi launches smart-phone App



The move comes in the context of the DTC’s plan to keep pace with the smart transformation drive involving the use of cutting-edge and smart technologies in various services provided to customers.

Mansour Rahma Al Falasi, Acting CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, said: “The DTC has carried out this project under the new policy for migrating into the Smart City drive in the Emirate of Dubai characterized by quality service offering and enhanced service delivery at world-class standards observed at the advanced countries. This requires providing a smooth, speedy and transparent mechanism to cater to the needs of customers spanning various community segments, and exerting more efforts towards making taxi service one of the most luxurious and distinctive services in the transport sector.

“Customers can download the App freely in their iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices (from Apple Store or Google Play), enabling them access to a range of services in the App including: booking a taxi, fare calculation, trip tracking and news feed about various projects, initiatives and services of the DTC including Mashaweer service (hiring drivers without a vehicle), safe hands taxi, saying thank you to the driver (through dropping customer details), and points of interest such as airlines, cinema, hotels, banks, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and beaches among others.

Al Falasi further added: “During the last GITEX, the DTC launched the first phase of its latest mobile phone applications for special needs, especially those with auditory disabilities in cooperation with the three entities: Community Development Authority, Nokia Corp, and Microsoft Corp, orienting the disabled with DTC’s services on offer including how to book taxi cabs by calling the Booking and Despach Centre, sending text messages or visiting DTC’s website. It also explains to them how the trip fare is calculated and provides various deaf signals such as ordering cabbies to turn right or left, slow down, or showing their conditions such as ‘I’m sick,’ I’m sorry,’ ‘Please wait,’ ‘I have no money,’ and ‘Thank you,’ among others.”

“Using mobile phone applications in communicating with customers and providing services represent a paradigm shift in realizing DTC’s directives as regards improving the services on offer to residents, visitors and community members, besides working continuously to establish various communication channels to access a larger segment of customers, in a way that ensures constant and continuous communication with them, and keeping them in touch with the best and the latest services and information in place,” added Al Falasi.

“The mobile phone applications service is designed to open up extra service channels with a view to continuously enhancing communication between the DTC and customers in keeping with the best global standards & practices adopted in customer service, which in turn, echo the objectives of the Strategic Plan of Dubai emirate and its Smart Government in providing all capabilities that would raise the caliber of services, achieve  customer satisfaction, avail various channels of communication to customers and promote the Customer-Centric concept in a way that addresses different customer needs. He also stressed the DTC’s keenness to improve and upgrade all services and facilities to bring them at par with the highest levels commensurate with various community segments, given the importance of taxi sector and its vital role in promoting the tourism and service profile of Dubai emirate,” said the CEO of the Dubai Taxi Corporation in a concluding remark. More info