Dubai Taxi launches e-transfer of salaries and dues to banks service



Dubai (United Arab Emirates): The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has commissioned a new service of transferring employee salaries and vendor dues to banks electronically as part of its initiatives for this year aiming to improve the level of service, speed up processes and save the time & efforts of service recipients.

Director of Resources & Support Ali Mattar Mohammed
Director of Resources & Support Ali Mattar Mohammed

According to the Director of Resources & Support Ali Mattar Mohammed, the Finance Section started offering this new service successfully by transferring employee salaries since last May. “This services has multiple benefits as it enables transferring salaries to banks on the same day, with two additional days needed to carry out reviewing, monitoring and verification of employees personal accounts and deliver salaries early, at least one day earlier when compared with the previous system; which saves time and effort involved in the transfer process,” said Ali Mattar.

“The new service is available 24 hours a day and is followed by a confirmation of the date and timing of transfer and the possibility of sending SMS to employees on the same day to save time and effort, as approved by the concerned bodies without having them to wait for obtaining a written approval.

“Offering this service comes in the context of the endeavours made by the DTC to develop and upgrade a number of e-services offered to employees and suppliers with the aim of achieving top class services and contributing to uplifting the business of the DTC and its image across the community in keeping with the profile of the RTA in Dubai Emirate.

“We, at Dubai Taxi are seeking to up employees satisfaction rating in the near future, particularly after taking a number of procedures in this regard such as instituting the monthly Distinguished Employee Award in accordance with the internal Incentives and Rewards Regulation, enhancing the interaction between employees to cement their joint cooperation on monthly basis, and activating the role of DTC

employees in various activities & events with the aim of improving customer service as well as the level of administrative, financial, technological and electronic services rendered to them; which creates a favourable & harmonious atmosphere among them. Marketing & Media Section is also rolling on a Job Loyalty Campaign in coordination with Human Resources & Services Section, and IT Section which includes holding training courses & workshops in various key & specialized topics to showcase the new e-services and benefits and offer promotional contests in various fields of work” added Ali Mattar.

“Drivers satisfaction rating is also on the rise, thanks to a number of measures taken by the DTC in this regard such as refurbishing drivers accommodation, opening a communication office to sort out driver complaints and respond to their queries in two working days maximum, and covering employees in the bus commuter service (Awselni) offered by RTA Public Transport Agency. DTC is also offering a host of recreational and sportive activities & services such as the establishing of two cricket playgrounds and one football pitch, in addition to revamping the existing basketball playground. These measures have nurtured a pleasant and fun atmosphere among drivers during their free time; which will add to their satisfaction,” said the Director of Resources & Support in a final comment.