Dubai Taxi kicks off “Safe Driving” initiative



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), in cooperation with Al Dobowi Tires Company, has recently launched “Safe Driving Road Safety Campaign” initiative targeting all DTC cabdrivers.

The initiative, which was unleashed at the Drivers & Training & Qualification Center, aims at highlighting the importance of vehicle safety through maintaining tries safety as a measure to safeguard against road risks and surprises.

“In coordination with Al Dobowi Tires Co., DTC is rolling on this initiative through a series of educative lectures on safety in general and vehicle & tire safety in particular. Al Dobowi is a key supplier of tires to the DTC as per the contract concluded last month for the supply of Korean made Hankook tires compatible with the GCC specifications to the DTC for a period of two years,” said Ammar bin Tamim, Director of DTC’s Fleet Drivers Affairs.

“This initiative aims at introducing the concept of safety on roads, raising the awareness of drivers towards safe maintenance of their vehicle tires all times through regular checks and inspection of air pressure. Tires have a considerable impact on reducing accidents and curbing frequent operational problems to cabs of the DTC fleet which comprise 3504 vehicles operated by more than 7500 drivers 24 hours a day through shifts system,” he continued.

Ammar highlighted the crucial role played by tires in maintaining the vehicle’s safety in general and the driver & passengers’ safety in particular, and stressed the need to select proper tires and attend to their regular maintenance. “The DTC seeks to apply all safety & security features to its services and vehicles so as to achieve the best results and contribute to the realization of the vision of the RTA and DTC of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All,” he continued.

“During these courses live demonstrations were made for sound and defective tires where drivers have been shown physical models of these tires such that they will closely see and grasp how to apply their acquired knowledge during their daily works as cabdrivers. Such campaigns & training courses need to be continued as the DTC is keen on qualifying and grooming drivers fully for their jobs considering them as ambassadors of the RTA and a true image depicting clearly the approach of the DTC and RTA as well,” added bin Tamim.

The Director of DTC’s Fleet Drivers Affairs said: “All new and old drivers have been subjected to various, intensive and specialized training courses based on top class global standards with a view to improving their performance and the level of services rendered to passengers and customers spanning all spectrums of the community. DTC will hold a number of educative programs and practical demonstration sessions about the best traffic safety practices during driving so as to enhance the safety of drivers, passengers and road users at large. The courses, which will be run in three languages (Arabic, English & Urdu) are held in conjunction with several specialized bodies including Dubai Police, Traffic Department of RTA Traffic & Roads Agency, and Franchise & Enforcement Department of RTA public Transport Agency,” said bin Tamim in a closing remark.