Dubai Taxi honours customers in keeping with ‘Loyalty’ initiative



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has recently honoured a bunch of distinguished business customers in high demand for taxi service. DTC made friendly & formal individual visits to these customers at their workplaces to assess their requirements in keeping with “Loyalty” initiative launched by DTC last year.

Commenting on the move, the CEO of DTC Abdul Aziz Malik said, “Loyalty initiative, which continues through 2010, comprises selecting 10 corporate customers in the first half of 2009 and 10 more customers in the second half of the year with the aim of honouring these permanent customers who are continuously using the service of our taxicabs. These customers are our partners and it will be in order to recognize their substantial contribution to raising the demand for DTC services in keeping with our vision of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All. Through this exercise we will be contributing to the improvement of DTC’s services & facilities and offer our customers a service at top quality standards.”

He continued, “During this year, a new method has been introduced for honouring these top customers through paying friendly visits to them by DTC senior management in order to meet & socialize with them, exchange improvement ideas, and attend to their feedback on the quality of services & facilities offered by the DTC to customers and passengers. The select group of customers welcomed the new overture and praised the efforts made by the DTC to enhance the satisfaction of passengers and loyal customers.”

The CEO of DTC unveiled the details of honourees saying: “Corporate customers were selected on the basis of daily demand for DTC’s taxicabs during the first half of this year. Jumeirah Living World Trade Centre Residence, Suites and Hotel Apartments ranked first as they made 3281 requests for taxi service. Second came The Meydan which placed 3266 requests, third came The World Trade Center (2649 requests), and the fourth was Arjaan Hotel (1932 requests). Fifth was Emirates Stars Hotel Apartments (1575 requests), sixth was Bonnington Hotel, Jumeirah Lake Towers (1560 requests), seventh was Emirates Golf Club (1461 requests), eighth was Intercontinental Hotel Apartments (1184 requests), ninth was Montgomery Hotel – The Address (1088 requests) and tenth was Crystal Living Hotel, Layia Oak Hotel & Suites (1058 requests).”

“This move opens the door for other entities to review the scale of our services used by these honourees, and how it opened up a channel for those customers to meet the executives of the DTC to give them further exposure about the services and facilities on offer as well as current and future projects,” said Al Malik in a concluding remark.

For their part the winning entities expressed deep delight and appreciation for this recognition which reflected the ongoing attention of the DTC to its customers spanning a broad spectrum of sectors across Dubai. They also lauded the improved services rendered offered and cited the quick response in executing booking & dispatching taxicabs to customers.

Worth-mentioning that DTC fixed the fare of using a taxicab as 500 dirham for 6 hours and 800 dirham for 12 hours.