Dubai Taxi holds 1st Open House for strategic partners



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently held its inaugural Open House for strategic partners spanning public and private departments and organizations, in an event held at the premises of the DTC with the aim of broadening the scope of joint cooperation, boosting bilateral relations, opening up new communication channels and probing the views & satisfaction of strategic partners with DTC services.

CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation Abdul Aziz Malik.
CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation Abdul Aziz Malik.

The event was attended by the CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation Abdul Aziz Malik, Director of Resources & Support Ali Mattar, Director of Fleet Drivers Affairs Ammar bin Tamim, Director of Fleet Operations Yousef Al Ali and several managers, specialists and senior employees of the Corporation.

In a welcoming speech, Abdul Aziz Malik highlighted the importance of holding this gathering which reflected the attention paid by the DTC towards developing the strategic partnership relationships, and furthering bilateral relations with strategic partners. He stressed the importance of these relationships in broadening and upgrading DTC services to taxi commuters in the Emirate; including citizens, residents, visitors and tourists to keep pace with the profile of Dubai as a regional economic hub and an attractive destination for investors & business leaders from all over the globe based on a Vision of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All.

“This gathering, which will be held twice a year with our strategic partners, is a good platform for socializing and exchanging views & comments, besides creating more room and potentials for working as a single team in reviewing the bottlenecks and exploring means of overcoming them. It also opens up present and future communication links with these organizations, cements the excellent partnership relationships, and paves the way for more efforts to achieve our common objectives,” said Malik.

The gathering was interceded by a promotional film about Dubai Taxi Corporation, followed by a presentation about the DTC highlighting key projects as well as initiatives, services and facilities offered to customers, including changes introduced to serve special needs, Ladies Taxi, Hatta Taxi, District Taxi, and training and qualifying of drivers among others.

Malik hailed the results of this gathering where all comments made by DTC partners have been taken into consideration stating the DTC would work on improving and upgrading the quality of service rendered to suppliers in the public interest.

“DTC always stands ready to figure out the best solutions, methods and services at high quality & excellence standards based on best-in-class concepts & strategies in taxi sector; which is viewed as a key pillar and indicator of the development drive witnessed by the UAE in various fields,” he continued.

The CEO of DTC praised the efforts made by strategic partners in supporting DTC’s strategic projects and initiatives with the aim of achieving integrated public transport, and attracting more riders to use public transport in a bid to curb traffic congestion, minimize road accidents and reduce environmental pollution.

For their part, representatives of various bodies and organization taking part in the gathering expressed their readiness to engage in successful reciprocal cooperation with the DTC. They hailed the efforts and public facilities made by the RTA in general and DTC in particular, and also made some observations and inquiries as regards improving the services and furthering bilateral relations in all spheres.

Besides DTC, the gathering was attended by the Dubai Police General HQ, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Dubai Media Inc, Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing, Dubai Airports Company, Dubai World Trade Center, Emirates Islamic Bank, Emirates Petroleum Products Co (EPPCO), Hyundai Motors Co, Juma Al Majid Co and Al Futtaim Motors Co.