Dubai Taxi fits cabs with child seats


Staff Reporter

DUBAI – The Dubai Airports fleet of the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in cooperation with ‘BabyShop’, will be fitted with free child seats as part of the “Child Safety First” campaign.

The campaign, which runs for three months, aims at advancing the awareness of the importance of using child seats onboard taxis for the safety of children as well as the peace of mind of their family members during their daily travels.

Reports released by the Dubai Health Authority indicate that 63 per cent of crash victims in Dubai are children, which is three times the prevailing international rate of 22.3 per cent, and the RTA has opted to curb these exorbitant rates to bring them in line with its strategy and vision of providing Safe and Smooth Transport for All.

“Under this Campaign, the DTC has coordinated efforts of three affiliated departments such as the Resources and Support, Fleet Drivers Affairs and Fleet Operations as well as BabyShop where 50 child seats have been issued and fitted to 50 cabs deployed to the Dubai Airport with special emphasis on Ladies Taxi and Family Taxi services. Customers can order a cab fitted with a child seat when calling the Booking and Despatch Centre at the RTA Public Transport Agency at: 04-2080808,” said Yousef Al Ali, Acting CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation.

Booklets have been published in English and Arabic, enhanced by the logos of DTC as well as Graco, the supplier of child seats to 

They contain information about the safety and security of children on board, types of seats for the front seats, safety instructions on roads and how to fit these seats to the vehicle.

Booklets also include instructions about child safety indoor and outdoor, on board the vehicle, and on the public road along with key accessories needed to enhance the safety of children, and appropriate means of ensuring the child safety at home or outside, among others. These booklets were distributed at all BabyShop outlets across 
the UAE.

“This initiative is also being promoted through running ads on various taxis, besides that, last September the BabyShop provided training to cabdrivers on how to fix and install the child seat together with the child’s posture in the seat in order to uphold child’s safety,” said Al Ali. More info