Dubai taxi explores cooperation with Dubai Airports in delivering excellent services to travelers



A delegation from Dubai Airports has recently visited Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) to discuss means of cooperation and boosting the existing bilateral relations towards delivering excellent services to customers and the public at highest quality standards.

A delegation from Dubai Airports visits Dubai Taxi Corporation.
A delegation from Dubai Airports visits Dubai Taxi Corporation.

According to the Director of DTC Fleet Drivers Affairs Ammar bin Tamim, the Dubai Airports delegation comprising Suhaila Ishaq, Team Leader of Airport Security Training Center, and Mohammed Majid Rashid, Airport Security Instructor of Airport Security Training Center, was briefed on various programs as well as training & educative campaigns carried out by the DTC through Drivers Training and Qualification Center; which serves a large portion of the public using Dubai Airports in addition to Airport taxi passengers.

During the visit, an educative lecture was delivered to driving instructors at DTC’s Drivers Training and Qualification Center to acquaint them with some measures and procedures to be followed before entering the Airport in order to facilitate the movement of passengers from and to Dubai Airport without delay. These measures included avoiding carrying explosive materials & alcohols, as well as placing liquids, spray droplets and gels in translucent water-tight plastic bags in quantities not exceeding 100 ml and a total quantity of one-liter maximum. The lecture stressed the importance of having these items packed in the accompanied luggage unless it is necessary to use them in flight.

Child and diabetic products are exempted and can therefore be carried on board the plane. To avoid potential delays and save excess baggage freight it will be better to check the weight before leaving home to ensure that it does not exceed the permissible baggage limit and that the weight of each bag does not exceed 30 kgs, as it is not allowed to accept any bag weighing more than this figure in addition to other procedures.

“Following this awareness lecture, the training instructors will train and educate all cabdrivers on these procedures through various programs and training courses held by DTC’s Drivers Training and Qualification Center on daily basis; where each lecture is attended by 45 to 50 cabbies (new or current). RTA and DTC are working hand in hand to provide integrated qualification and training of drivers and enrich them with the latest information and various policies of the Emirate to enable them deliver excellent services to the public and passengers. Cab drivers are considered ambassadors of the RTA in general and the DTC in particular as they are in daily contact with passengers and accordingly capable of reflecting the approach of the DTC in living up to RTA vision of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All. This in turn will contribute to the success of the RTA and reflect the efforts made to improve the services of the DTC in a way befitting the global standing of Dubai Emirate,” continued bin Tamim.

For her part Suhaila Ishaq, Airport Security Training Center, said, “Through these visits and awareness lectures we are seeking to raise the awareness of cabdrivers of the procedures related to the Airport peripheries and buildings, policies applicable on board various airline companies, and procedures related to passengers. They also help activate the role of the cab drivers and educate the public on the importance of the cab driver as an instrumental tool in delivering information and educating the public about the services rendered by various government entities as cabdrivers are available on roads 24 hours a day and deal every day with various community segments.”

“Dubai Airports is seeking to communicate with all taxi companies underline the importance of these aspects through holding awareness programs and campaigns that help bring full information about various policies and procedures to the attention of passengers,” said Suhaila in a final comment.