Dubai Taxi experiments new device to curb accidents and enhance safety



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has fitted a new device (branded as Brake-Plus) on a number of affiliated taxicabs tentatively with the aim of reducing accidents triggered by other motorists, especially with regards to keeping safe distance.

The step marks DTC’s commitment to deliver best-in-class services and introduce edge-cutting technologies capable of enhancing the operational & technical efficiency, and realizing the strategic goals related to social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Ammar Al Buraiki, Acting Director of Fleet Operations, Head of Your Safety Team at DTC, said: “This initiative is taken in the context of initiatives of Your Safety Team set up in 2009 and tasked to carry out a detailed study of the underlying factors of accidents sustained by taxicabs along with their impact on operations, tracking DTC’s indicators relating to risk, health & safety, charting out corrective measures to enhance the traffic safety of taxicabs, minimizing the proportion of traffic accidents, and increasing the operational efficiency of the taxi fleets.

“The device has been fixed and connected with the brake system such that it flashes intermittent lights to alert the driver of the vehicle at the back in case the taxicab has to stop or slow-down; which would help in reducing potential accidents, especially those related to the lack of sufficient distance. This experiment is the first of its kind in the Middle East applied to taxicabs,” continued Al Buraki. More info

“Cabbies have been trained on the functionality of the device in order to step up their skills and work efficiency; which will reflect positively on realizing the vision of the DTC “Pioneers in Passengers Transport Services”, he added.

Al Buraiki reiterated DTC’s commitment to deliver services and facilities at the highest quality & excellence standards through its fleet comprising 4344 vehicles offering various services including: VIP Taxi, Airport Taxi, Hatta Taxi, Ladies Taxi, Family Taxi, General Taxi, Safe Hands Taxi, and Disabled Taxi. More than 9800 cabbies hailing from 36 countries are employed to run a 24-hour taxi service on shift basis. The DTC is keen on offering cabdrivers all-round orientation enabling them to run excellent services to the public, and effectively contribute to the success & betterment of both the RTA and the DTC with the aim of improving services to a level befitting the global profile of Dubai. More info