Dubai Taxi enhances fleet with 80 hybrid vehicles



The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has added 80 hybrid brand new vehicles of Toyota Camry make to taxi fleet, raising the total number of hybrid vehicles in the fleet from 65 to 145 vehicles.

2The step is taken in the context of a master plan to curb pollution resulting from vehicle emissions, thus rendering vehicles more environment-friendly in Dubai. The step, which is part of the strategic plan of RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), contributes to realizing RTA’s strategic goal: “Safety, Environmental Sustainability, and Supporting the Green Economy” under the slogan: “Pioneers for a Better Tomorrow”.

“This initiative; which manifests the implementation of power-saving policies in the UAE, is important to development projects, and nurturing a safe, clean and attractive environment capable of raising the profile of Dubai,” said Dr. Yousef Al Ali, CEO of DTC. “It also signals the joint commitment of RTA & DTC to conserve lives, properties, environment and natural resources as well as improving the occupational health & public safety, and introducing technologies to curb carbon emissions from transportation means,” he said.

“With the deregulation of fuel prices policy adopted since August 2015, and the anticipated growth coupled with the world’s economic recovery, it is logical to phase out the existing fleet of fuel-powered taxicabs and replace them by hybrid vehicles, especially as the resultant fuel consumption efficiency rate has risen by 30% and carbon dioxide emissions rate has soared by 30%. The ordinary vehicle, for instance, needs about 12.1 liters to cover 100 km, whereas the hybrid vehicle needs about 8.47 liters to cover the same distance. The ordinary vehicle generates about 289 kg of carbon dioxide emissions per day, whereas the hybrid vehicle generates about 202 kg of carbon dioxide emissions per day,” added Al Ali. More info